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  • 28/03/24

    Year 7 Charity Week -Silly Tie Day​​​​​​​

    Well done to all our pupils in Year 7 who gave their enthusiastic support to the School’s fundraising efforts on behalf of local charities, through our Silly Tie Day earlier this month. Silly Tie Day is just one of the events which took place during Year 7 Charity Week, uniting the Year Gro...
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  • 27/03/24

    Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for 2024-2025

    Congratulations to Rory (Lower Sixth) who will serve as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for 2024-2025. FSgt Rory, lead Cadet of the CCF's RAF Section at WHSB, has gained this prestigious position having been nominated and following a highly competitive process, in which many applications were...
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  • 25/03/24

    WHSB’s annual celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD)

    WHSB’s annual celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) earlier this month, saw the entire School community come together for an Assembly on this year’s theme for IWD “Inspire Inclusion”, which emphasises the importance of diversity and empowerment in all aspects o...
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  • 20/03/24

    Opening night our production of Les Misérables

    Tonight is the opening night of our production of Les Misérables and we are all looking forward to a wonderful show. WHSB’s Drama Company has been enjoying rehearsals (pictured) and the stage is now set! We hope you will join us for this amazing production:
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  • 15/03/24

    England Rugby London & South U18 East select WHSB Upper Sixth Student

    England Rugby London & South East have announced details of their U18 squad and we are delighted that, amongst the talented players selected, is WHSB Upper Sixth student Ryley. We are so proud of Ryley's considerable achievement. The squad has recently completed a training residential, follo...
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  • 12/03/24

    Year 9 Basketball Team win Southend Borough Basketball U14 Final

    We are proud to share that our Year 9 Basketball Team have won the Southend Borough Basketball U14 Final. In this high-stakes and exceptionally challenging game, WHSB’s team battled hard throughout, initially being 14 points down. Coming back, and going from strength to strength, the team fina...
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  • 07/03/24

    WHSB CAREERS IN STEM event​​​​​​​

    We look forward to welcoming our three special guests for this evening’s CAREERS IN STEM event. Our guests include Martin Edwards and Neeta Darragh, two highly experienced professionals in related industries. They will be sharing details of their own pathways into their careers, their many exp...
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  • 06/03/24

    Les Miserables Assembly Performance

    During an Assembly Last week, the WHSB Drama Company treated the School to a wonderful performance of a number from our forthcoming production of Les Misérables. The cast gave a rousing performance of the well-known number ‘Master of the House’. Les Misérables is one of...
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  • 01/03/24

    Year 8 Basketball Team Southend Borough Final

    Congratulations to our Year 8 Basketball Team for winning the Southend Borough Basketball Final. In this year’s league final the WHSB team was the only unbeaten team this season, and they won the Final by three points, with a score of 45 – 42. Our pupils played some of the highest intens...
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  • 26/02/24

    Industrial Cadets Gold Award two-day workshop

    In January, WHSB’s team of six Lower Sixth Design and Technology students were excited to take part in this year’s Industrial Cadets Gold Award two-day workshop at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent. Run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT), the Industrial Cadets initia...
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  • 24/02/24

    On the Ski Slopes of Italy

    We were delighted to see these photographs of our pupils enjoying themselves on the Ski Slopes in Italy this half term. For many, this is their first time skiing and we understand they have made fantastic progress. It is also pleasing to see that, despite some pupils suffering from a 24-hour bug...
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  • 23/02/24

    Exciting themed displays in the School Library

    This month, the exciting themed displays in the School Library have included the Chinese Lunar New Year, and St Valentine’s Day. With thanks to Mrs Schofield (Librarian) and Mrs Oats (Assistant Librarian), our Library at WHSB continues to provide a vibrant, communal working space for the en...
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