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Learner Profile

The WHSB Learner Profile outlines the attributes that every student should strive towards.

The WHSB student strives to:

  • be intellectually curious - They pursue their academic interests beyond the confines of the curriculum, and are reflective, capable of self-criticism and open to improvement;
  • have personal integrity - They are honest, reliable and have a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for others and themselves.  They take responsibility for their appearance and actions, and the consequences that accompany them;
  • be collaborative and supportive - They actively engage, participate and make a positive contribution in group activities. They are tolerant, compassionate and dutiful members of the community;
  • be open to opportunity - They are well-balanced and open-minded.  They are capable of taking a considered risk and optimistic when faced with a challenge;
  • be globally aware - They are well informed regarding global events and are internationally minded.  They possess intercultural awareness and the skill to communicate in more than one language;
  • be an effective communicator - They are literate and numerate, capable of speaking and presenting with fluency, confidence and the ability to persuade others.  They use ICT with maturity and effectiveness;
  • be a lifelong learner - They aspire to set themselves ambitious and realistic goals.  They are resilient in the face of difficulty and possess the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.