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Uniform and other essential school items can now be purchased online via the School website by clicking here: Select the size and quantity required and click ‘Add to basket’. Selections can be reviewed at any time by clicking on the basket icon. When your order is complete use the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button from the basket. When filling in student details please ensure that your son or daughter’s full name and Form Group are included. Online orders will, under normal circumstances, be available for students to collect from the front Reception within two School days of submission. Students will be notified when their orders are ready via an email home. There is no postage option for uniform orders that are placed online.

Please note that online orders should NOT be placed for new Year 7 students prior to joining the School as it is likely that the wrong size will be ordered. Those students joining Year 7 are required to attend fitting sessions held in the Uniform Shop towards the end of the Summer Term prior to joining the School in September. Parents/guardians should click on The Uniform Shop tab under the New Year 7 Entrants subheading within the Secure Parents Area of the School website for further details.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop, located in the East Basement, will normally open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 – 13:30 during term time and on specified dates/times at the end of the School’s summer break prior to the start of the new academic year. When open, items of uniform can be tried on for size and purchases made. Cash, cheque and debit/credit card payments will be accepted. 

School Shop will be open for the summer holidays between Tuesday 30th August and Thursday 1st September from 10.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. for fittings and purchase of school uniform for years 8-13.
For items of uniform required in a size that is not normally stocked by the shop please contact the Uniform Shop via e-mail:

Second Hand Uniform

We are pleased to advise parents that the School Shop will be increasing provision of second-hand uniform. Please feel free to contact for further details, if this should be of interest.
If you have any clean, unwanted uniform which you wish to donate to the School, please bring it to Reception. Funds raised from the sale of second-hand uniform is donated to the School.

Notes on the School Uniform

The School attaches particular importance to the dress and appearance of pupils and our precise expectations are set out in Appendix 3 of the WHSB Parents’ Handbook. Pupils are required to carry at all times a Conduct Card which may be signed by any member of staff if a pupil is in breach of the School’s uniform regulations. Pupils whose Cards attract five signatures within a half term, or who are unable to produce their Card when requested, will be subject to discipline.

Personal Appearance

School uniform should always be clean and tidy. Shoes should be polished regularly. Hair should be clean, tidy and of a natural colour. Attention-seeking styles and lengths are not acceptable and the Headmaster is the final arbiter regarding such matters. If a belt is to be worn it should be black, of simple design and have an understated buckle. Hoodies must not be worn in the School buildings or grounds.

Practical Lessons

An apron will be provided by the School to protect a pupil’s clothes in Science and Technology lessons. Pupils are also asked to provide protective clothing for Art Lessons. The Head of Art will be pleased to offer advice.

School Uniform

The main items of School Uniform are:

  • Navy blue blazer with School badge*

  • School House tie*
  • School V-necked pullover - optional (no other pullovers or sweatshirts are acceptable)*
  • Black trousers (of conventional material and cut)
  • White shirt (long or short sleeved with conventional collar)
  • Black shoes (of conventional shape and style; boots are not acceptable)*
  • Dark grey or black socks.

* Available from the School Uniform Shop.
* School Shoes Guidance Link

Uniform Policy for Girls

Girls will be required to wear:

  • A black knee-length skirt or black trousers.
  • A white, open-necked, short- or long-sleeved, Revere collar blouse/shirt, which may be worn in or out of the skirt. Examples of the style of blouse we expect are given in the Suggested Stockists section below.
  • A girls' crested blazer*.
  • Black polished shoes with a heel of no more than 3cm.
  • Black, navy or skin-coloured tights.

In addition, girls are permitted to wear:

  • A School Sixth Form tie*.
  • A black V-necked pullover.
  • Discreet make-up, hair accessories and jewellery only.
  • Clear or flesh-toned nail polish only.

Hair must be of a natural colour. It should not be fashioned in an extreme or attention-seeking style or contain hair extensions.

Students must at all times be conscious of looking smart and professional. Undergarments and midriff must not be visible, girls must refrain from showing cleavage and must keep their skirts at the appropriate length. As in all schools, uniform should be worn with pride. You will be a representative of the School every time you wear your uniform in public. Girls who present themselves inappropriately will be required to attend to the matter immediately and Mrs Burden, the Sixth Form Pastoral Tutor, has skirts available to borrow and varnish remover for inappropriate nails.

Revere collar white blouse

School Uniform Shop - Banner Revere Collar Long Sleeve Blouse Twin Pack

School Uniform Shop - Banner Revere Collar Short Sleeve Blouse Twin Pack

Black V-necked pullover (optional)

School Uniform Shop - Trutex Girls Fit Cotton V-Neck Jumper

* Available from the School Uniform Shop.

PE & Games Kit

The following items are required:

  • Navy PE singlets (for indoor sports and athletics with House colour)*
  • Navy PE shorts (for indoor sports and athletics)*
  • Plain white PE socks (no logos)
  • Maroon reversible jersey (for rugby and football with House colour)*
  • Navy shorts* (for outdoor sports, rugby and football)
  • Maroon/gold sports socks* (for rugby and football)
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads
  • Kit bag and/or sports rucksack
  • Boot bag
  • Security bag (for personal valuables)*
  • Towel
  • Rugby/football boots (with either moulded studs or BS6366 screw–in rugby studs)
  • Trainers (two pairs that are both predominantly white, one pair for outdoor use and another non-marking pair for indoor use)

NB: Cricket whites will be required for those selected for teams.

* Available from the School Uniform Shop.

Other Equipment

Pupils entering the School are also asked to bring with them:

  • Pocket English dictionary/thesaurus
  • French/German/Spanish dictionaries (as appropriate)
  • Scientific calculator (Casio fx-83GT PLUS recommended)
  • Laboratory coat (to protect clothes in Science Lessons)
  • A pen, pencil, rubber, ruler and pencil sharpener
  • A pencil case with coloured pencils
  • A bag or rucksack (suitable for carrying books)
  • Geometrical drawing instruments (including a protractor and a pair of compasses)
  • A watch!