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The Examination Boards will issue the examination results on Thursday 17 August (for A Level and EPQ) and Thursday 24 August (for GCSE) and the School has made provision for the distribution of results in person.

Upper Sixth students will be able to collect their results in person on Thursday 17 August from the Sixth Form Building from 8.30am. The Sixth Form Team, senior colleagues and the Headmaster shall be on hand throughout the day to provide advice and guidance to students. Results not collected on Thursday 17 August will be posted home to students on the following day.

Year 11 students should collect their results at the School site (Sixth Form Building) from 9.00am on Thursday 24 August. Students continuing into the Sixth Form at WHSB will be asked to confirm their subject choices at that time. It should be noted that the School cannot guarantee a student’s subject choices unless they are confirmed on that day due to the significant planning involved in the days that follow. Once again, the Sixth Form Team, senior colleagues and the Headmaster will be available on the day to provide support for students regarding their Sixth Form plans.

Requesting Reviews of Results (RoRs)

  • RoRs may be requested by candidates if there are reasonable grounds for believing there has been an error in marking where agreed mark scheme has not been applied correctly.
  • Applications have to be made to the Examinations Officer by deadlines specified.
  • Any application received after the published deadlines will not be accepted.
  • All applications have to be made using the forms issued by the Examination Officer. No other form of application will be accepted.
  • In order to proceed with any enquiry, we must obtain the consent from the student.
  • All applications must be made submitted with the appropriate fees.
  • No requests will be processed until payment has been received.

REMEMBER – Grades can go DOWN as well as UP

External candidates wishing to join WHSB Sixth Form who hold a current offer from this School and attended induction are asked to visit the School at the earliest opportunity after 10.30am. Places can only be offered on sight of official confirmation of results. Where we do not hear from a candidate by noon Friday 25 August 2023, we shall assume that they no longer require their place. External candidates wishing to join the WHSB Sixth Form who do not hold a current offer are welcome to visit with their results after 11am on Thursday 24 August to find out if there are places available.