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Life in the Sixth Form

WHSB is a vibrant community in which students are encouraged to unlock their potential in a multitude of ways. Our ethos is summed up in our Learner Profile, which is the same for Sixth Formers as it is for younger students. However, Sixth Formers should develop greater independence and resilience in all areas and, in addition, should develop as leaders.

Our teachers encourage students to develop a passion for learning in a supportive and caring atmosphere. As a result of this scholarly yet compassionate ambience, students’ friendships, based on mutual respect and a shared desire to excel, are easy to make and can last a lifetime.

Students at WHSB care about more than just their curricular study. WHSB has a host of extra-curricular clubs and societies in which to become involved. Although there are far too many to list, students can debate, discuss current affairs, participate in the dramatic arts, and take part in a variety of sports. Perhaps the best thing about the lively Sixth Form at WHSB is the active role that WHSB students take in steering the direction of our extra-curricular activities, with the support of our dedicated staff.

WHSB’s uniquely academic and supportive atmosphere does not stop at the gates of the School. Our students are keen to engage with the community to make a real difference, and the School encourages them to do so. Many of our students assist in primary schools and hospitals and participate in other civic activities as a part of their Sixth Form programme.

Being a member of the Sixth Form at WHSB is a life-enhancing opportunity which broadens students’ horizons. It is a place where young people come together in a nurturing environment to develop into unique and well-rounded adults.