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Year 10 Geology Field Trip

In April, a group of Year 10 Geology students visited some old haunts, including a walk to Swanage from Studland Bay to see the Chalk Headland at Handfast Point, a superb example of a stacks and stumps known as Old Harry Rocks.

Lulworth Cove is always on our agenda for the Geology trip and, this year, the students were lucky enough to be able to access the Fossil Forest, normally closed as it is close to a military firing range.

Durdle Door, a short walk from Lulworth Cove, offered students the opportunity to see one of the best examples of an arch in the UK. This is valuable to pupils studying both Geology and Geography, although our focus was studying a thrust fault evidence of the Alpine Orogeny some 65 to 2.5mybp when Africa collided with Europe.

Fossil hunting is always a highlight, and the students visited the Fleet Lagoon behind Chesil Beach to look for Brachiopods and Bivalves and any other fossils they could find.

Thank you to all those involved in organising these wonderful experiences for our students.