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Westcliff High School for Boys' Entrepreneurs of the Future

WHSB Entrepreneurs of the Future

A team of entrepreneurial students from Westcliff High School for Boys hosted a cake sale in order to raise funds to support their product idea, as part of the Young Enterprise Company Programme. The teams are encouraged to generate revenue, so that they can produce a product to be distributed and sold for profit to the open market.  The cake sale was the first step in the process of achieving their goal.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cake sales at the School have been a distant memory, so it was no surprise that this event was welcomed with overwhelming enthusiasm. 

A total profit of £280 was achieved and the students’ hard work was rewarded.


Team Uplife - Rudra, Ethan, Harry, Arnham, Rowan, Sam (Year 12 students, aged 16-17 years old)


Ms Nicki Weller, WHSB Careers Adviser: "The students have meticulously planned and budgeted for this event and we could not be more proud of the hard work they have demonstrated, to make this cake sale such a huge success. We are sure they will all become industry leaders and entrepreneurs of the future".