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144 Pupils from Westcliff High School for Boys Enjoy Publishing Success in National Competition

144 Pupils from WHSB Enjoy Publishing Success in National Competition.

Stories written by 144 pupils ranging from Years 7 to 11 (aged between 11-16 years) from Westcliff High School for Boys have been selected for publication by the Young Writers’ Association. In a national competition, young people were invited to write a 100-word short story entitled Trapped. WHSB pupils, encouraged and supported by their English teachers and others in the School, prepared their stories for submission. Some of these students now have multiple publications to their names and are creating a portfolio of individual material to their credit. The publication is due to be released in January 2021.


A full lesson of WHSB boys creating their 100 word stories;


Tom Keenan, WHSB English Teacher: "Creative writing has been recognised on a global scale as being a positive contributor towards improving pupil well-being during the current pandemic and I am delighted that so many of our pupils participated with enthusiasm and flair. We have some excellent creative writers at WHSB and it is a privilege to see them become published authors".